Smart Home Starter

The Smart Starter Package   Configured  and Delivered  £549

The Smart Starter  room package   provides  the following out of the  box  functionality    (*)

Real easy control using  your smart  phone   for the following  :

  • Your smart TV Control
  • Your SKY/virgin/ Netflicks / Amazon TV
  • Your home cinema Sound Receiver
  • Your blu ray or DVD
  • Your Spoify music collection
  • Your Sonos music collection
  • CCTV Cameras network connected  (**)
  • Your  installed  curtains  or blinds hub (**)
  • Your  installed  Philips hue lighting hub (**)
  • Your Installed  heatmiser heating hub (**)
  • Your Texecom security alarm  (**)
  • Your Ring door entry or control4  (**)

Packed   with the following benefits out of the box :

Consolidate all your  Remote  Controls;

On Screen Navigation  (*_*)

Built In music streamer , all internet radio  stations  (*_*)

Built in on /off   timer with eco  auto energy savings settings

Sunrise and sunset functions with all in between timings.

Wake up timer’s wake up  and  play  you favorite song (**)

Jester control your phone becomes the jester  pad  , now slide your finger to surf  channels or songs

Solves the Problem :

Removes Lots of apps, provides an “real user experience”  , not a nuisance

Removes the need for multiple  presses  to mange your home , even when away

User  display layout   be customized  by the

Removes room clutter, now hide all those  boxes away, remove the cabinet under the TV

Remove wall ache’s, one wall device does it all, Heating, Lighting, Security, Music, and of course door entry.   

Fits in with any interior design, vast choice of finishes and colours

Future Proof design   integrates  with 1000’s of other manufactures’ devices

*Clients provides details of  existing equipment and arrange

* All  equipment to be   must be connected  operated    manually  and working  manually

(*_*) EA1 control4  and above  gateways only



  • EA-1 Smart Home Starter Configured


    The EA-1 delivers a beautiful, intuitive, and responsive on-screen user interface with the ability to create and enhance the entertainment experience for any TV in the house. The EA-1 can orchestrate a wide range of entertainment devices including Blu-ray players, satellite or cable boxes, game consoles, TVs, and virtually any product with infrared (IR) or serial (RS-232) control. It also features IP control for TVs, Apple TV, Roku, AVRs, and other network-connected devices, as well as secure wireless ZigBee control for lights, thermostats, smart locks, and more.