Alexa, transform my life.

Apartment owner…

Get set for lifestyle-changing, security-boosting, seriously smart tech.


Apartment owner, you’re in the luxurious position to be able to harness all that home tech can bring – faster, smarter and more affordably than most.


Because all new apartments are built with wires hidden away within their walls – wires that are ready to be energised for smart tech (and without any ugly cables).

There’s barely any disruption, and installation is fast and flexible.

Think Plug N Play, and then some.

Multi-room music system – sound good? (you bet it does!)

Turn music on and off by voice – in EVERY SINGLE room in your home. And with high-spec ceiling speakers, you should expect only the crispest, clearest of renditions of your favourite playlists.

Make the most of every square inch of your home

In any apartment, space is always at a premium. Reclaim your living space, by moving your set-top boxes, Blu Ray and other tech out of sight.

Take control of a comfortable environment

Turn the heating up straight from the sofa on a chilly winter evening, or turn the heating off from your desk at work.

Gain peace of mind with heightened security

See who’s at the door and communicate with them right from your smartphone. You can even answer the door while you’re away from home and holidaying in another country.

It’s a little like Ring, only a whole lot better.

Be safe and sound, with Control4 AI Security

Control4 AI Security enhances your home security with perimeter alerts, occupancy simulation, authority-linked alarms, CCTV and more (think of this as build-your-own Alcatraz-level security).

Supercharge your living with Alexa or Google Home

Voice activate your home life – switch lights on and off, watch Sky, browse Netflix, run your “I’m home” routine (which could switch the lights on, play your favourite track and set the heating to the perfect temperature – all with just one command).

A smart move for intelligent apartment owners.

Ready to 21st-century your life?

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