In Control Online ...Making Technology work for you 


Technophobes, you’re welcome here…

No good with technology? It’s not you, it’s the manufacturers. We can help. My personal mission is to rid your home of baskets of remote controls. Forget having to commit hours to learning new tech or reading manuals. Our solutions are simple and intuitive.

“I’m passionate about technology and all that it can do. I thrive on specifications, data and system design. But that wasn’t why I started InControl. In fact – I set up in business for the exact opposite reason.


Our goal is to create:

Peace of mind: through enhanced security, lighting, home monitoring, and remote control.
Security: through access control, lighting, and CCTV monitoring
Cost Savings: through the introduction and placement of intelligent energy efficient systems,

Convenience: through simplified control and automation of household functions Enhanced Lifestyle Experience: through bespoke quality entertainment, mood lighting, heating, and convenient remote access to household functions. 

Our award winning team have a wealth of experience and passion in

the design, installation and calibration of the very best home automation systems available, that works for our clients.

Underlying our dedication to providing the very finest automation

on system possible is our love of technology. Providing simplicity and matching your preferences when you wish to interact with your home its environment or entertain. The better the system, the more enjoyment will be gained from our client.


InControl Online