UK: Vodafone launches IoT thermal screening  camera system  to fight COVID-19

Vodafone has announced a new heat detection camera which will allow firms to better protect workers against COVID-19. The IoT-enabled camera enables standalone installation with additional IT requirements and can screen the body temperature of up to 100 people per minute with an accuracy of +/-0.3 degrees Celsius.

Once set up near a workplace entrance, the camera will record thermal images and stream them securely to a laptop or mobile device along with instant analytics that will warn if anyone has a fever. This will allow those monitoring the images to isolate a suspected COVID-19 carrier to keep the rest of the workforce safe.

Discussing the product, Anne Sheehan, Business Director at Vodafone UK, said:

“During this crisis, our role has been to keep the UK connected. Now, we want to help UK organisations get their people back to work while prioritising their safety. The Heat Detection Camera is a helpful tool to support this goal, every organisation needs one. We believe technology-led solutions will play an important role in return-to-work strategies.”

The new device is available to businesses at a cost of £20,532 (excluding VAT) paid over 12 months. According to the firm, there are other pricing models available if £1,711 per month is too steep. Vodafone worked with the UK firm Digital Barriers which developed the camera.


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