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    One App Controls Your Home! YOU'RE IN CONTROL Incontrolonline, a leading innovator in residential and commercial automation systems, announces a Smart Home Starter Kit that enables smart-home control in a single room with the ability to expand to a complete home system. The package enables homeowners to experience the benefits of automation for under £1,000. The Starter Kit includes the Control4® EA1 Controller, the brains of the system, , which can control all the devices in your entertainment system, plus movies and music, lighting, and more.
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Sony 4K Projector with a  Control4 EA1  Configured  Smart bundle
£4,986.00 (£4,155.00 exc VAT)
Back Order.
Custom Services and Equipment
Free Shipping. £704.88 (£587.40 exc VAT)
Back Order.
C4 Remote Tag
£6.00 (£5.00 exc VAT)
Back Order.