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Next Gen Comfort

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Smart Apartment Gold Package – Next Gen Comfort, Seriously Smart Convenience
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This package builds on the music and entertainment experience by adding home-enhancing lighting – from down lit and dramatic, to romantic and soft.

Get set for heightened comfort, with shade set to lower and rise on command. Easily program your window shades, or control them by tapping the app. Fool would-be intruders, keep the heat in during those cold-winter months, make the most of the early morning sun.


·      Let the natural light in, or shut it out – On a pre-set schedule, by app or via interface, with superior quality 2.5-metre electric Somfy Window Blinds.


The Incontrolonline Smart Hubs are configured, assembled and pre-programmed off-site, 
Smart Apartment Hubs is delivered to site, provided with estimated spooled lengths of cable