My Car was broken into !

A few days back, I encountered a terrible incident when I parked my car in my local Gym secure car park,  ‘DL-Purley’  that had claimed to have external lighting and CCTV cameras installed. I went inside the gym for a 1 -hour workout and came out discovering that my car had been broken into. Seeing this, I was covered in full rage as to who had done this to me, and how could this be occurring in such a secured parking lot. As I intrigued the Gym manager about the incident, he replied that he was not able to provide any CCTV footage of the incident as the CCTV installers took some time to get back to them on incidents and it was all done on online sites. The question is that what is the purpose of such a CCTV camera or security check, if it is not at all helpful in taking any proactive or reactive actions in time. I was full of utter disgust and terribly disappointed with the incident itself and that of the gym management. Despite them having CCTV cameras installed, they were of no use as they were outdated and ineffective. Also, there was no alarm system that could possibly notify the management and scare the thieves off beforehand. Having myself for decades in the consultation and installation of advance security CCTV perimeter protection of high-end properties, and still not being able to do anything, was terribly traumatic for me. There must be better solutions taken when it comes to providing security. Firstly, the age and type of technology should be monitored and updated timely. Secondly, advanced CCTV cameras should be installed that could instantly play back suspicious human activity on its devices. This would be a reactive solution, meaning, an action taken place after the incident has occurred. Thirdly, there should be an alarming system installed that could help in stopping the occurrence of an incident by scaring away the would-be thieves, whilst instantly, notifying the management on time. Such a solution taken to prevent an incident before it has occurred, is a proactive solution. Active Deterrence solution Cameras is a new innovative system that helps in providing both proactive and reactive solutions. It has an inbuilt siren and light system used as soon as it detects any suspicious activity ongoing. It not only deters the thieves by emitting sound and light, but also records defined footage when it detects a theft or break-in.

Through the upgradation of AI capacities, it provides a Higher Detection Accuracy as it recognizes human and vehicles. Also, it gives Reduced Alarms as it filters out irrelevant objects, such as leaves, rain, small animals etc. And gives a Longer Detection Distance, allowing security personnel to identify and act against targets. Such cameras are a best fit in providing security and would help in preventing such incidents in the future. If my gym management would have upgraded their security check technology time to time, and had installed an Active Deterrence Camera, they would have been able to prevent this incident from happening to me. And even if it occurred, they would have been able to provide me a footage that would have helped in acting against the culprits! Unfortunately, they failed in helping in any possible way. As I have been in the field of technology and automation for decades and have been through such an incident, I have promised myself to use my knowledge of security technology to inform others how to be better equipped and protected in the future. I have got my hands on one of the two best deterrents against thieves and break-ins. Therefore, if you require more information regarding better security, feel free to reach out for me.   I went through this. I just hope nobody else does!  

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