Infrared cameras - Fever Detection Camera’s
Infrared cameras - Fever Detection Camera’s

The coronavirus epidemic has created a worldwide demand for solutions that can be used by businesses and key workers to keep them and their work environment safe from the continued effects of the global pandemic (Covid-19). Fears over continued safety, as businesses return to work, to some essence of normality, means that businesses and employees are seeking accurate tools to be put in place to ensure that everyone’s health and safety is at high priority and consistently maintained.


Infrared cameras are seen as an essential tool to assist businesses to operate safely during the pandemic, this essential equipment offers an assured method of identifying symptoms of the virus that will tell whether an individual should be directed to seek medical assistance before entering a place of work.

                                                        Stay Alert: Control the: Virus: Save lives


A key part of the automated fever screening system is an infrared (thermal imaging) camera this solution safely measures the temperature of an individual or group, with no physical contact required. An easily integrated system that can be installed with no technical experience into any premises, the fever screening system can then be used in real-time at point-of-entry for example at a receptionist desk - benefiting establishments such as care homes, offices, public buildings, warehouses, supermarkets, airports, and schools. The Infrared camera will notify those monitoring with an alert, providing an instant update on a person entering with elevated body temperature, ensuring that they are advised to seek medical consultation immediately. The UK Government advises to Stay Alert: Control the: Virus: Save lives. The integrated fever system is part of this solution.

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