Thermal Screening Solution
Increasing Use of Thermal Scanners in Detecting Covid-19
As the world descends further into the Covid-19 pandemic, 

 A new, yet not-so-surprising global challenge has surfaced: the economic crises.

 Small businesses and countries with large economies are facing this challenge indifferently. 
 To address this issue, several major contributors to the economy, such as the aviation industry and multinationals, have put forward suggestions to reopen trades with necessary precautions. 
 Heathrow Airport CEO, John Holland-Kaye informed the House of Commons Transport Committee that they are ready to begin technology trials in order to establish Common International Standard in connection with health screening at airports across the globe. 
 Thermal Screening Solution In response to this widespread infection, the healthcare sector has urged the public to take precautionary measures. Rising temperature is widely believed to be a common identifier of a person carrying the Covid-19 disease. As a result, the regulatory authorities are often seen scanning commuters for their temperature. Scanning every individual can be tiresome and ineffective. On the contrary, thermal scanning through cameras is a quick and efficient method of scanning people on a large scale. Thermal cameras come with high-temperature sensors that allow authorities to monitor high traffic places for people with high body temperature. InControl Online thermal scanners offer inexpensive and effective solutions. The scanners are easy to install and can be used anywhere. These scanners are ideal for offices as well since they can help with easy temperature monitoring of the staff and clients. InControl Online's team is particularly trained to facilitate all types of business with setting up cameras and monitoring equipment. 
 The systems offered by InControl Online involve the use of AI and software automation enabling it to scan the traffic of people, quickly. Such a form of scanning is non-intrusive, convenient, and can easily help highlight those suffering from high temperatures. Best of all, this method is contactless and can be used to monitor the temperature from a socially safe distance. Economies and businesses can't remain sustainable under a countrywide shutdown. InControl Online helps you resume your day-to-day operations in a safer environment. 
It is high time that companies resume their daily lives by incorporating the right line of defense against Covid-19. Contact our company experts to find out which plan suits you best to combat Covid-19 using our advanced thermal scanners.

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