Airports have taken to screening to prevent the spread of the virus.
Current spread of the COVID19
With the current spread of the COVID19 or Coronavirus, affecting the entire globe, and having put most regions in an extensive lockdown, there is no surprise people are worried and anxious. With the numbers of confirmed deaths having passed 28 000 we all ask the constant question, “ What can we do to prevent the spread of this pandemic?” In a recent study, published on the 3rd of May, South Korean scientists confirmed that it is impossible for the virus to reactivate in our bodies, at the same time they state that they have found no substantial changes by mutation, to the virus which would disguise it from our immune systems, meaning we are basically immune to the virus if we’ve already caught it once. Airports have taken to screening to prevent the spread of the virus. Entry screening for the corona virus involves using thermal scanning or symptom screening. The screening works by detecting changes in skin temperature as slight as 0.01 degrees Celsius. By making use of these thermal cameras and detecting an accurate, non - contact skin temperature we are able to prevent the spread of the virus by recognising early signs of infection or illness simply by thermal screening. This is an effective and preventable measure that could help this pandemic, by reading early signs of infection through a non contact procedure we are able to determine who should stay home and quarantine before taking a coronavirus test handed out by medicals. This could be a means to ease the lockdown and the pressure on the medicals and hospitals all over the world. By establishing thermal screening we are one step closer to beating the spread of this horrible virus and slowly start easing the world back to normal. With deaths decreasing in countries like Spain and Italy we are moving in the right direction, BBC reported today, on the 4th of may, that reported deaths in Spain was the lowest since mid - March and Italy's number of 174 was a two - month low. While we see these good news in SPain and Italy, Russia's cases have increased with 10 000 new infections. In the UK, according to the BBC, plans of workplaces to reopen are being considered, but that is with alternatives to social distancing being enforced. The United Kingdom is looking to maximize working from home where possible, and reopen workplaces with measures to minimize the number of employees using equipment and by staggering shift times. PM Boris Johnson is still urging the country to not lift the ban too soon but is to reveal a “roadmap” out of lockdown this Sunday.

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