Fever Screening Systems can assist in playing a vital role in the spread of disease and reducing the potential impact on your business

Thermal Imaging Cameras have emerged as a vital tool in the detection of elevated body temperature

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A thermal imaging fever detection system that assists with the detection of elevated body temperature in under a second! The integrated fever detection system is built with precision engineering to provide a quick solution with complete accuracy. The system will sound an alarm if an elevated body temperature is recorded allowing the operator to refer a subject for a medical examination. This system has been in use at airports long before the pandemic outbreak, operated remotely, allows the operator to be notified by an alarm should a fever be detected in individuals, allowing safe identification of a subject and easy referral for medical examination.
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Feature: • Supplied by Incontrol, a company with over 30 Years’ experience in electrical engineered automation products
Feature: • Offered as a ’Stand-alone’ devise with no requirement to integrate onto a server
Feature: • No direct interaction or contact between persons required
Feature: • Beneficial for hospitals, offices, factories, educational sites, stations, sea ports, security checkpoints, airports construction sites etc…
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Protect your Employees and Customers with this Biometric Thermal Scanning Fever Screening System Next-generation Thermal Scanning Technology to help? put your staff and customers at ease.

Our Fever Screening Solution comprises the latest thermal imaging camera which can be integrated with building Access Control. Each Camera and Temperature Sensor is mounted on a stand to ensure the least disruptive installation time. A standalone monitor is installed on a desk which will provide an immediate alert when activation occurs due to an individual having a high temperature. Options :

1/ Fever camera with mounting  bracket & software,  (  1 click software install, use your own PC** and monitor ) 

2/ Fever camera with mounting  bracket, /choice of desk stands/ PC with the installed software (  

3/ Fever camera, PC, floor to ceiling bracket & Cables, 32” HD monitor24” HD Monitor

( click links above for more details on the options or call 0208 763 0739 for no-obligation help )

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