About Us!

InControl Online is the ecommerce arm of InControl-UK.com. Richard Leslie – a veteran of the home tech industry with more than 20 years’ experience under his belt – is in charge of both.

“I’m passionate about technology and all that it can do, but I set up in business for the exact opposite reason. I want to let people know what a smart home can provide, in terms of a safer home, atmospheric lighting, at-home entertainment and environmental comfort.

Simplicity is the core focus on InControl. Everything else is just noise”.

-       Richard Leslie, Founder of InControl


Richard’s love for technology began as it does with so many boys – taking things apart to see how they worked. Unlike many in that position, though, Richard generally managed to put them back together again. 

His first revolutionary invention came in 1990 – a graphical mixing machine called ‘the Producer’ which wouldn’t be matched commercially for years. This won Richard recognition from The Prince’s trust, and started his career. 

In 1998, Richard won the Prince’s Trust Award. HRH Prince Charles likened young Richard to consumer electronics visionary Clive Sinclair. 

Richard set up InControl in 2006 while working as a freelance engineer. It has since grown and become a recognised voice in the home automation and control industry