About Us!

InControl Online is the ecommerce arm of incontrol-uk.com. At the helm of both is Richard Leslie – a veteran of the home tech industry with more than 20 years’ experience under his belt.

“I’m passionate about technology and all that it can do. I thrive on specifications, data and system design. But that wasn’t why I started InControl. In fact – I set up in business for the exact opposite reason.

You see, consumers are often overwhelmed by the technical details – the nuts and bolts that really should be left to the engineers. InControl presents what’s possible – in terms of a safer home, atmospheric lighting, at-home entertainment and environmental comfort.

Simplicity – that’s the core focus on InControl. Everything else is just noise”.

-       Richard Leslie, Founder of InControl



Aged 10, I started with what would be the first of many deconstructions – breaking down a gadget to re-build a new, improved version. Only all didn’t go quite to plan.

My father gave me the chance to put together what I’d taken apart. Which I did (and he was duly impressed at my natural abilities with tech).


My love of music and reproduction culminated in the creation of ‘The Producer’ – a graphical mixing machine (which would later be known as a hi-fi and stage sound equalizer).

At the time it was revolutionary. And so off I headed off to the Prince’s Trust.


Going up against the likes of Sony, I won the Prince’s Trust Award. HRH Prince Charles himself likened me to Clive Sinclair (an entrepreneur and writer in the field of consumer electronics). 

2000 – 2014

As a freelance engineer I worked alongside many producers; it took me overseas, to theme parks and to visitor centres.


InControl sets up shop. We’ve won awards, grew to a team of four and became regarded as an important voice in the industry – speaking at many international conferences.