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New home cinema seats for your home cinema

We all know the importance of good experience in your home cinema. If sound image and control are well organized, you have the experience at around 75%.

Often the comfort of a good home theater chair is underestimated when you hear the wish lists of users. The chair in which you sometimes sit for 4 hours is overlooked and that takes away a bit of pleasure.

Home Cinema Modules has since 2011 fully focused on home cinema seats. Last summer René and Sebastiaan developed 3 new models and moved a factory.

European design

Many home theater seats have a large, coarse and bombastic design. These seats are often designed for extremely large spaces where the seats stand out less. Many cinemas have a smaller size, making the seats a real item in the room. In fact, they are often a bit too big. The new chairs of home cinema modules take into account the size of the chair as well as the design. Much tighter with the focus on seating comfort, slim design and quality.

HCM Atlas

The HCM Atlas is the successor of its bigger brother the Roma Elite. The HCM Atlas has a sleeker design and better seating comfort. This makes this chair fit much better in European home cinemas.

HCM Atlas a unique cinema seat. With a perfect seat for a pleasant movie night in the cinema.

The benefits of an HCM Atlas at a glance:
Multiple armrest options (curved, extra space in armrest, etc)
Wide seat
Thick cushions

HCM Sirius

The HCM Sirius is truly a cinema seat with character. This designer chair has a luxurious appearance. The dimensions are smaller than the HCM Atlas but fully equipped. You have many configuration options with which you can really order the chair to size. The materials were also taken into account during construction. Sturdy and durable ensures that the chair can last a long time.

The HCM Sirius also has the option of choosing a diamond pattern in the stitching. The seat and the headrest are provided with this luxurious appearance.

The benefits of an HCM Sirius at a glance

Narrow seat while maintaining comfort
Multiple stitching options
Luxurious appearance

HCM Pollux

The HCM Pollux is characterized by simplicity. No adjustable parts, no engines, but seating comfort.

You can already order the HCM Pollux for £ 1235 per seat.

The benefits of an HCM Pollux at a glance

Fixed cinema seat
Excellent price

Delivery time

A frequently heard wish was whether something could be done about the delivery time. And they have responded. Normally a delivery time of approximately 18 weeks applies to the delivery of furniture. If you order cinema seats now, they will be delivered within 60 days. (Depending on the location where it should go)